Visual voicemail or voicemail to email, is a feature that forwards voicemail messages as audio files or transcriptions, straight to an email inbox. It allows users to access voicemail recordings from any mobile device or computer via email — with no need to call their voicemail.

This technology is especially useful for staying organised, improving accessibility, and ensuring you never miss an important message. Here are some key points to consider.

How does it work?

When set up the system will instantly send new voicemail messages to designated email addresses.

The system will create a .mp3 or .wav file for a voicemail message. Then, they directly attach the file to an automated email or provide a link to the voicemail recording. Users will receive each message notification as a new email.

The email message will also tell you the date and time the caller left a message, as well as what phone number you need to call back.

Getting even more emails isn’t exactly a professional’s dream — we get it.

But on average, employees spend 28% of their workdays actively using emails. Plus, most users are running email in the background and checking for messages every six minutes. Incoming messages are always catching our eyes, so it’s clear that email is one of the most convenient business communication channels around.

The 5 Benefits Of Using Visual Voicemail 

Decrease response times

Response times can make or break a relationship. Whether companies are selling to prospects or providing customer support, clients want people to be there when they need you most. If someone misses their call, they expect you to check your voicemail and call back in a timely manner.

Call back with context

Voicemail to email makes new messages hard to miss. All users need to do is tap on the audio recording. Then, they’ll have the context they need to lead a winning conversation and drive up customer satisfaction.

Increase efficiency

Once someone gets a message, voicemail to email turns the email inbox into a visual voicemail system, so all you need to do is tap to play. No need to listen to an automated voice telling someone a client’s phone number and call time at a snail’s pace. 

Keep colleagues in the loop

One advantage of a cloud phone system is users can customise their voicemail to email feature by setting exactly who they want to receive email notifications. Anyone relevant — whether it’s someone who does admin or the colleagues sharing the phone number. They won’t have to forward messages over and over like they’re playing hot potato. Just simply let the system do the work!

Organise records 

For many businesses, voicemails are important records to maintain. By sending voicemails to email, companies can organise past voicemails in folders with labels and much more. With better archiving, they can easily pull up the information they need when they need it.

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