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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and can also be referred to as internet telephony, internet calling or IP telephony. It its simplest terms, a VoIP phone system allows your business to make and receive telephone calls over an internet connection. While it might sound complicated, it is a relatively simple set up that provides an alternative to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) while allowing calls to be made between VoIP systems and the analogue network.


VoIP phone system work by transmitting voice calls over IP networks, meaning calls are made over an internet connection rather than using a landline. With a standard telephone call, a ‘path’ is provided between yourself and the number you dial using the network of telephone lines that are seen up and down the country.

However, with a VoIP phone setup, the calls are transmitted in a different way. The audio is converted into what is called digital packets, which are then transmitted across a Local Area Network (LAN) or online. Fortunately, there isn’t a complicated process when it comes to making a call via VoIP – the calls can be made in pretty much the same manner as an analogue phone call, using our telephone hardware.

Thanks to advancements in technology, VoIP is quickly becoming the go-to means of communication for businesses of all sizes, due to its reliability. VoIP call charges are also often much lower than standard business lines, so are perfectly suited for businesses who often make long distance or international calls. Companies also don’t need to pay for multiple phone lines or a lot of expensive hardware, which further drives down costs.


Our Ericsson-LG cloud PBX solution is perfect for SME’s who are looking for hosted VoIP without the complication of a cutting-edge system. It’s compact, powerful and offers huge value. It’s flexible too, offering an integrated communications solution with a range of bolt-on features so you can tailor your hosted phone system to deliver the features you need including: voice, video, SMS, message and presence across devices. Compatible with DECT and Wi-Fi phones, this hosted PBX solution is as flexible as they come.


There are two ways in which VoIP systems can be set up within an office. The first choice you must make as a business is to decide whether to go for a cloud-based phone system or to keep things in house. If you opt for the cloud-based solution, you are required to download some software to get the system working, plus a monthly fee is paid to a provider.

Once that has been established, you will then need to decide which VoIP setup to choose from:


IP phones can be installed in an office - much in the same way as a traditional desk phone – and will look and act in pretty much the same way as their counterpart. The only difference is how they are connected, with most only requiring a single Ethernet connection.

VoIP desktop phones have all the same bells and whistles as their analogue counterparts, including call recording, caller ID, voicemail, and other features. You may also wish to have a cordless phone, which is possible as long as your IP phone supports Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.

Phone Through Computer

Running your calls through an office computer is the other option, as you can turn any computer into a VoIP phone by downloading some software, which is often referred to as a ‘softphone’.

Each softphone is slightly different, but their appearance tends to be fairly similar in that it resembles a traditional telephone handset. This interface is then used just like a phone, allowing the user to make calls through their computer, usually with the help of a headset and microphone.


We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service.


We understand that one size doesn’t fit all – we take time to understand you and your business and tailor our services to your needs.


We’re not stereotypical, pushy telecoms sales people - we never push you into anything. We pride ourselves on providing you with the right advice.


Outstanding, top quality set up today from Senior Installation Engineer, Aaron. This was a complete contrast to the set up from our previous provider. We feel really confident with the new desktop phones, mobile app and tech support thanks to Aaron's clear communication and personable approach. He has given a great impression of the business and we are very grateful for his patience with our lack of tech know-how. Thank you very much for your help!

Dean Morley

A very smooth and easy transition from our existing supplier to Mtech, no pushy sales tactics used. Emma was very friendly and helpful, and a quick install by Glen with no downtime.

Sam Boardman

Glen did a great job setting up our new system. I was very apprehensive due to our previous supplier but all at Mtech were so helpful and supportive. Thanks.

Evie and Molly

Glen arrived promptly this morning to install our new phones. He was professional throughout and very knowledgeable. Superb service from all I have encountered so far at Mtech - long may it continue.

Libby Middleton

Arron arrived promptly and was courteous and very
helpful in taking his time to explain how this new system works. We appreciate his assistance and gentle manner.

Margaret Rowe

Glen fitted our phones today, he was a joy to have in the office, he was calm and relaxed when explaining the phone systems to the members of staff who are not as IT savvy, he then showed us the backend system and explained how it was best to operate our phones on a night service, learnt lots today and can't wait to have him back to install the CCTV. If you have Glen he drinks Tea, White, 2

Home Instead - Leigh

Norman Furnishings Dumfries had our Samsung phone system upgraded to an LG cloud system by Keith
All went very smoothly all questions thoroughly answered and clearly explained, run-through of new system shown so all staff understood before he left really pleased

Norman Furnishings

Very Impressed with Aaron who fitted our new equipment, not only is the equipment a great upgrade but Aaron took the time to explain the new features to the whole team and was not on a timer to get going. We now have a system that is great for the staff to use, with very good management tracking tools and most of all everybody knows how to use it!

Matthew Scott

Glen arrived early and did an amazing job with our phones, no disruption, and explained clearly! Thanks

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