Mtech Communications


Our team are a diverse blend of industry experts and friendly customer managers who all go the extra mile for their clients.

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Martin Dunne

Managing Director

Favourite Book: First Man In, Ant Middleton
Desert Island Discs: Yiruma, River Flows In You
Catchphrase: That's Bananas

Mark Smallbones

Mark Smallbones

Head of Sales & Marketing

First Mobile Phone owned: Sony Ericsson
Greatest Achievement: My Son
Favourite Film: Blood Diamond

Gemma Flight Colour Head of telemarketing 2 2

Gemma Flight

Head of Telemarketing

Favourite Cocktail: Espresson Martini
Top holiday destination: Maldives
Catchphrase: It is what it is

Amraj Malhi Colour Field Based Telecoms Specialist 1 2

Amraj Malhi

Field Based Sales Manager

Greatest Achievement: My son
Greatest Fail: Trying to win an argument with my wife
Favourite Cocktail: Strawberry Daquiri

Emma Stroud Field Based Telecoms Specialist 2 2

Emma Stroud

Field Based Telecoms Specialist

Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing
Catchphrase: It is what it is
Favourite Quote: Never regret anything that made you smile

George atkinson Business telecoms specialist 4 2

George Atkinson

Field Based Telecoms Specialist

Desert Island Discs: Defected House
Greatest Achievement: Going Travelling
Greatest Fail: Crashing motorbike whilst travelling

Elaine O Brien Business Telecoms team leader 3 2

Elaine O'Brien

Business Telecoms Specialist

Favourite Film: Shawshank redemption
Desert Island Discs: Ibiza Classics
Favourite Cocktail: Bloody Mary

Michael copy

Michael Pearson

Business Telecoms Specialist

Greatest Achievement: My Kids
First Mobile Phone Owned: Nokia 3210
Favourite Film: Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Robin Jerman

Robin Jerman

Business Telecoms Specialist

Greatest Achievement: Coming 4th in the Hopping Sack Race – Year 9
Favourite Quote: “You are looking WHAM Today”
Nickname: WHAM-Dog Billionaire


Natasha Johnson

Business Telecoms Specialist

Greatest Achievement: Was a Police Officer
Favourite Book: Bag of Bones
Desert Island Discs: UKF D&B 2015 Mix

Emma inkster

Emma Inkster

Business Telecoms Specialist

Fave cocktail: The spiciest Bloody Mary you can throw me
First Mobile phone owned: Nokia 5110
Top holiday destination: Croatia, Hands Down!


Olivia Boddy

Business Telecoms Specialist

Favourite Film: The nightmare before christmas
Favourite Cocktail: Long island
Top Holiday destination: Greece

Michaela Guarguaglini

Michaela Guarguaglini

Business Telecoms Specialist

Greatest Achievement: My Daughter
Top holiday destination: Maldives
Greatest Fail: Broke my elbow showing off on the ice rink

Louise Phillips Colour Quality Controller 2

Louise Phillips

Quality Controller

Favourite Film: Shaun of the dead
Desert Island Discs: Ibiza Chillout
Favourite Cocktail: Pina Colada


Amber Knowles

Quality Controller

Favourite Film: Shrek
Favourite Cocktail: Espresso Martini
Top holiday destination: Croatia

Holly young colour customer care manager 2

Holly Young

Customer Care Manager

Favourite Film: 500 Days of Summer
Desert Island Discs: Chilled House
Greatest Achievement: Buying my flat

Dan Levy Business telecoms specialist 2

Dan Levy

Marketing Manager

Favourite Book: Chimp Paradox
Favourite Cocktail: Long Island Ice tea
First mobile phone owned: Sony CMD Z7

Laura Wood Business information Specialist I 2 2

Laura Wood

Project & Business Manager

Favourite Film: Footloose
Top holiday destination: Crete
First mobile phone owned: Nokia

Bryan Thomson Colour Head of technical 1 2

Bryan Thomson

Head of Technical

Desert Island Discs: 90s indie music
Favourite Cocktail: Long Island
Favourite Quote: Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable

George Stone Senior Engineer 2 2

George Stone

Assistant Technical Manager

Favourite Book: Game of Thrones
Greatest Achievement: Catching a 150lb shark
Top holiday destination: Maldives

Keith Kinnaird Engineer jpg 2 2

Keith Kinnaird

Installation Engineer

Desert Island Discs: The Proclaimers
Top holiday destination: Butlins
Favourite Film: Moana

Glen Heathcote Senior Engineer 1 2

Glen Heathcote

Installation Engineer

Favourite Book: Inferno by Dan Brown
Favourite Cocktail: Blue Lagoon
First mobile phone owned: Motorola

Louise Hopper

Louisa Hopper

HR Operations Manager

Desert Island Survival Kit: Lip balm, eye drops and a bottle of wine
Nickname: Lewis of course
Top holiday destination: Ibiza

Victoria Wise Billing specialist 2

Victoria Wise

Billing Analyst

Catchphrase: It is what it is
Greatest Fail: Not believing in myself enough
Desert Island Discs: Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Daughtry & Disney Movie Soundtrack

Melanie Painter

Melanie Painter

Billing Analyst

Favourite Book: Moby Dick
Greatest Fail: Crashing a ferrari into a jeep
Favourite Quote: “If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing well”