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Turning Silence into Sales - Benefits of Call Recording

by | 4th March 2021

While it’s important to have an efficient communications phone system that’s easy to use and routes calls to the right people, it’s vital we monitor and measure the performance of those systems and teams.

Although call recording has been an essential part of many businesses' phone systems for some years now, with the majority of the UK workforce now remote working or working flexible hours, call recording has become crucial for many businesses.

Not only does it allow you to monitor all the calls coming in and out of your business, but you can also listen back to calls that your team have made giving you full control over your business call quality, regardless of where your team is working from.

1. Monitor incoming and outgoing calls from your team.

Call recording allows you to monitor every call that is made to and from the business, allowing you to have full control over your teams and take action wherever necessary. What’s more, you can also monitor which teams/employees are experiencing difficult calls and make changes when needed.

2. Create positive staff training opportunities

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of call recording is the ability to listen back on calls via a file format making them perfect for training purposes - especially remote. With the ability to show recordings of good and poor calls to new staff members, it enables you to show them examples of good customer service and phone etiquette skills enhancing their communication capabilities. What’s more, it’s great for more experienced staff members too who aren’t familiar with remote working.

3. Reduce the number of mistakes made

Human errors can be common in businesses and unavoidable, it could be something as simple as forgetting to relay a customer’s billing details or address form. But with call recording you can make sure your staff are sticking to the rules and ensuring each customer is taken care of appropriately.

4. Solve dispute effectively and swiftly

Disputes can cause trouble and damage your businesses reputation, whether it’s an incorrect product order or a legal dispute call recordings can be a brilliant backup. The recording can act as evidence and relay exactly what has been said, and speed up the resolution process.

If you want advice, support or to discuss your call recording solutions then get in touch with our team of experts on 0333 323 3888.

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