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How 5G Can Help you Manage your Remote Business

by | 16th March 2021

There is no doubt that the way we work has changed for good. Not only due to remote working as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but also because of the advancements in technology and the need for workers to stay connected wherever they are.

Now, you might think technologies such as 5G, AI and Air-Touch screens are a thing of the future, but in fact, many of these are readily available today. These technologies play a major role in allowing people to be more productive and feel more secure when working remotely.

Whilst there are new technological advancements every day, it's the 5G market that's going to be in the spotlight this year. With more and more industries focusing on opportunity and more business applications to enhance internal processes and improve services, 5G is going to dominate many out-dated and unreliable networks.

But like with all technological advancements, there is a need to understand what 5G has to offer and how you can reap the benefits.


Having sound connectivity proves vital in driving the productivity of your team, particularly with the added struggle of working from home. As we start to look beyond the pandemic and to the mammoth task of rebuilding the UK economy, superfast 5G is said to generate GBP 14.8 billion in additional economic growth.

By focusing on delivering critical connectivity solutions, employers can give their team the choice of flexible or remote working even after the pandemic is over. What’s more, with stronger connectivity and the additional benefits 5G has to offer, it’s more than likely your team will enjoy a positive work-life too.


As many of you will know, 5G offers a network that is 100 times faster than our cellular connection and 10 times faster than our speediest home broadband service. However, it’s not all about faster connection speeds and speedier broadband. 5G technology also offers lower latency and greater capacity resulting in endless opportunities for businesses across the UK, with multiple work devices being able to stay connected and improved internet connections too.


The pandemic has only increased the importance of data protection, particularly with teams working on unsecured connections. With a remote workforce, you’ll have to consider a new approach to security, internal data processes and protection from cyber-attacks.

Greater capacity brings greater security for official devices for business use only, 2-factor authentication and the adoption of data encryption. This will be vital to ensuring your team and business activities are secure both inside and outside the office.

Adoption of 5G technology is necessary if you want to future-proof your business in what is becoming an unpredictable climate especially if you want your team to feel valued & supported whilst maximising resources.

If you want more information, advice or to discuss your 5G options then get in touch with our knowledgeable team of tech experts on 0333 323 3888.

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