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Disaster Recovery - What you need to know

by | 21st January 2021

If we’ve learnt anything from this last year, having experienced a global pandemic and three national lockdowns, it’s that it is vital to have strong contingency and continuity plans in place should an unforeseeable event occur.

Threats and challenges can come in any form, from cyber attacks to weather damage and even burglaries! Although these share nothing in common one thing is for sure - they can cause huge disruptions and have a negative impact on your business.

With a disaster plan in place, you can make sure any impact is minimal and operations can continue as normal. That’s why our experts have decided to take a closer look at disaster planning and how you can create an effective recovery plan for your future.

So, what do you need to consider when formulating the perfect plan?

Delve deep

In order to know how to protect your business, you need to know what needs protecting! So it’s wise to look at your businesses infrastructure and current strategy in order to see what’s working well and what needs improvement, allowing your business to be as safe and protected as it can possibly be.

Worst case scenario

Imagine if your operations were to fail, how long would your business survive before you experience lasting damage? Considering your worst-case scenario helps to give you an idea of how quickly your business would be able to operate and how quickly you will need to restore your systems, following an actual disaster.

Working out a plan of action

Should an unforeseeable event occur, it’s important a detailed disaster recovery plan is in place to ensure you and your team know exactly what to do. For larger businesses it’s worth having multiple plans in place, in case a variety of outages occur. Having primary and secondary backups allows your business to work seamlessly and minimise interruption and damage.

Delegating roles

Different disasters call for different types of disaster management. It’s good practice to ensure all your team are aware of their roles and who is responsible for what should a disaster occur. Ask yourself important questions such as, do you have a qualified IT technician? Do you have appropriate fire safety features? By making sure you have all of these bases covered allows you to have the perfect disaster recovery plan in place that has all angles considered.

If you want advice, support or to discuss your disaster recovery options, then get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 0333 323 3888.

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