Mobile devices open up a completely new channel for a highly targeted, receptive audience. SMS Marketing or Text Marketing is simple to set up and one of the most reliable methods to communicate with your customers.

Your customers will more than likely have their phones on them at all times and are most definitely more likely to open and read a text over an email. Text message marketing gives you the power to communicate with your desired audience throughout the entire day, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage?

5 Reasons To Use SMS Marketing

1. It Outperforms Other Methods

SMS Marketing has increased attention and immediacy than other methods of digital marketing. According to Mobile Marketer, SMS Marketing leads to higher ROI and engagement rates and outperforms other methods by a serious margin.

2. It’s Personal

Customers have been emailed by businesses for so long that there’s a chance they don’t even check them anymore. Your customers will have a personal relationship with their phone and only give their phone number to people who they want to contact or be contacted by. Once you have permission to send texts to them you’re breaking into that inner circle of trust and have the opportunity to make a more personal connection with your customer.

3. It’s Highly Targeted

You may find it surprising, but the majority of consumers are receptive to communicating with businesses via text, much like they do with their friends and family. Just don’t overdo it, nobody likes to be spammed so stick to 2-4 texts a month to ensure you aren’t annoying your customer.

4. It’s Simple

SMS or Text Marketing allows businesses to connect with their customers in an uncomplicated manner, everyone knows how to send a text. However, the trick is to make the content of the text engaging and in a suggested 160 characters, it’s not easy! Most messages are brief and contain polls, surveys, redeemable vouchers, incentive contests, and current sales with links to a relevant landing page.

5. It’s Easy to Set Up, Manage, and Track

With the majority of SMS platforms monitoring and measuring your SMS campaign performance – rolling it out is incredibly simple. As your SMS database will be permission-based you already know exactly who you’re messaging and you can collect specific user data including demographics and shopping habits allowing you to tailor your marketing strategy to spike their interest in a highly targeted campaign.

For these reasons alone SMS Marketing will be around for a long time to come and knowing how to utilise it correctly can help grow your business exponentially.

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